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We have large and small stump grinding equipment which can handle any size stump and gain access to stumps in a variety of locations.

Many customers require access to areas after a stump has been removed for a variety of reasons which may include drainage, cultivation and lawn mowing. When the situation demands Stumpmen can grind the stump to 60cm (2ft) depth.

If you experience large storm damaged stumps, we can help you, because we specialise in grinding root balls and stumps all in one.

Our service can assist you with stump grinding in the Mornington Peninsula and surrounding areas for :

Stumpmen  - The Stump Removal Specialist

Reasons for Stump Grinding

Why Grind Stumps

Stump Grinding is a cost effective way  to eliminate unwanted stumps and has a low impact on the surrounding area as opposed to digging stumps out with an excavator or Bobcat. Dealing with a mulched up stump is a lot easier than a solid stump.